Our Firm

TOKYO ACTi is a highly specialized patent law firm with strong focus on serving intellectual property needs of established and cutting edge technology companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.



Our mission is to be the most trusted and most valued patent law firm in Japan to serve clients, particularly, in the field of pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


Global Network

We have a global net work with major patent law firms, including those in US, UK, Germany, Swiss, France, Russia, Canada, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Thai, Brazil, Mexico among other countries.We, TOKYO ACTi, are committed to providing best-in-class legal services in the various areas of intellectual property law, from filing of patent applications and patent prosecutions, both domestically and internationally, through licensing and litigation.

 Basic Information

NAME TOKYO ACTi International Patent & Trademark Office
ADDRESS [Akasaka Office]
TOKYO Midtown RES.1416,
9-7-2 Akasaka,
Minato-Ku, Tokyo,
107-0052 Japan
[Nakano Office] (in preparation)
Honcho, Nakano
164-0012 Japan
T E L 81-3-6447-0211
F A X 81-3-6447-0212
SERVICES :Patent, Filing and Prosecution
:Utility Model, Filing and Prosecution
:Industrial Design, Filing and Prosecution
:Trademark, Filing and Prosecution
:International Filing and Prosecution
:JPO Trail
:FTO Opinion
:Validity and Patentability Opinion
:Infringement Litigation
:Invalidity Litigation
:Licensing related activity (Contract, Due Diligence, etc.)
:Intellectual Property Strategy Consulting
:Prior Art Search
:LOE(Loss of Exclusivity) estimation
:Translations of patent and technical literature



We are conveniently located at the site of TOKYO Midtown in ROPPONGI in central TOKYO, which is directly connected from 8th exit of ROPPONGI station. For more information on TOKYO Midtown, visit the website of TOKYO Midtown.