We, TOKYO ACTi, are committed to providing best-in-class legal services in the various areas of intellectual property law, from filing of patent applications and patent prosecutions, both domestically and internationally, through licensing and litigation.

We maintain a clear focus on the significance of intellectual property for success of our clients in real business world.

As an expert in intellectual property law, we propose and implement effective intellectual property strategies for our clients with bold and precise vision.
Our professionals and organizational resources have the capabilities and experiences to creatively handle highly complex intellectual property matters, yet satisfying cost sensitive clients.

We represent corporate and university clients throughout Japan and around the world. Our attorneys all have excellent English skill sufficient to professionally communicate with foreign clients and professionals.

We are continuously growing in a controlled manner. We are not seeking size per se but rather continue to be “boutique-type” patent law firm that guarantees high quality service for our clients yet at reasonably low cost.

We are looking forward to working with clients and professionals worldwide.